The Barnyard Ladies

I’ve posted a few entries about Barnyard Lady classes, but I realized the other day that I never really “introduced” these Ladies to all of you!  In June, I launched the four patterns, and as with all of my ladies, I designed them as individual pieces, but they can be connected to make one larger hanging. Here’s a picture of all of them together as one.  From left to right is The Buggy Barn, The Quilt Loft, The Country Stable, and The Milk Shed. 

the barnyard ladies

Another really neat thing with these Ladies is that you can mix them up!  That is, you can switch the lower and upper sections of each barn.  So If you wanted to have a “Mr. Magoo” buggy on the first level and chatty hens on the second level . . . . go for it!  It will definitely work! 

In fact, a quilter (Patti), from Pennsylvania did just that!  Take a look.  Isn’t it great?


Patti also added another Border Collie in her creation.  She mentioned that she made this as a gift for a friend who just adopted 2 Border Collie puppies AND also raises chickens.  Lucky friend! She is going to LOVE this! 

You can also mix and match the flowers from one to the other, OR any of the barnyard ‘critters’!  If you check out my homepage, you’ll see the flowers and the critters that I designed for each barn. 

So if you love Americana Country Barns, these four ladies are for you!  Go ahead, mix and match, and if you have a finished lady for show and share, pass it on to me!  I love seeing them, and will definitely post your lady right here!