Portable Sewing Machine Table with Wheels

I bought a portable sewing table . . . . . well it’s sort of portable.  A bit heavy,
no ‘handles’ for carrying, or wheels for walking it into retreats, etc. 
However, the price was right!  $125 with free shipping!  Can’t go wrong with that. 
And it’s the perfect height, width, etc, etc.  Here’s what it looks like . . . .

So, you might guess what comes next – that’s right, I wanted wheels and
handles on my table to make it truly portable!


It really turned out great, and here are the steps to transform your own table.
I purchased 2 – two inch stationary caster wheels and
one 8 count packet of #14 screws – 3/4” long.

portable table with wheels 004








And my part was done, except for showing my hubby
where to place the wheels.  And here is his contribution to this project.
(I’ve gotta give credit where credit’s due! )

so, He measured, then he had to remove the
table bracket and grind it down a bit,
so that the wheel bracket would fit snugly.

portable table with wheels 005  







portable table with wheels 006 portable table with wheels 007 portable table with wheels 008

Then drill holes                                  Right underside                      Left underside
Attach wheel/brackets

                                                  top of bag                        underside of bag

portable table with wheels 009

 portable table with wheels 012portable table with wheels 014

And it’s done!      Well that part is done – then the ball was back in my court. 
Remember those handles I was telling you about.  Well, I decided my table
needed a bag with handles.  And I made one, however I did NOT make a pattern,
just ‘winged’ it as I went.  So here’s the finished bag with my portable table! 
Can’t wait for the next retreat!  Oh, and it also holds my cutting mats and large rulers!  Sweeeeeet!