Barnyard Ladies

The Barnyard Ladies

Four very special barns to create and enjoy!  The Barnyard Ladies are made using techniques of paper-piecing, traditional piecing, and fusible web applique!  Each pattern is loaded with step-by-step directions and diagrams, all to help you ‘build’ your Barnyard Lady!

Each Lady measures 18” x 33”, and as with all the ‘lady’ series, the individual quilts are designed to connect to one another making a larger wall hanging. To combine these ladies, just leave off the left side flowers, attach your favorite ladies in any order, then if desired, add the flowers to either side. By the way, the flowers may be ‘swapped’ among all four Barnyard Ladies.

The Buggy Barn

An adorable Buggy with personalized license plate, a ‘two-wheeler’, a border collie, and loads of sunflowers make this a very special lady!

The cupola is quite unique, too, AND it’s so easy to make using the fusible web appliqué technique.

Pattern includes a square of the tiny sunflower fabric for the flower pot.

Finished size is 18” x 33”

Price – $10.00

The Quilt Loft

This Lady is made special with an eight pointed star pieced right into the top section and topped off with a weathervane.

The opened loft has a wonderful treadle sewing machine, and a quilt, of course.

Meanwhile, in the barnyard, the baby lambs are showing off by ‘spinning’ their wool.

The scene is completed by adding climbing morning glories.

Finished size is 18” x 33”

Price – $10.00

The Country Stable

Picture this . . . . A wheelbarrow loaded with flowers and apples, both looking very tasty to one friendly horse.  However, there’s a rooster who may want them all to himself!  Meanwhile the ‘gabby’ hens are catching up on the latest news!

Now add in hollyhocks and you’ll have created a scene that you and others will adore!

Pattern includes ‘chicken wire’ fabric for the second level windows.

Finished size is 18” x 33”

Price – $10.00

The Milk Shed

This lady has three levels of adorable critters, all enjoying a sunny day in this wonderful barnyard scene.

On the ground level we have geese, a Mama cow and her baby calf. Look out for the gander!

The open loft is a great hang-out spot for the barn kitty; and the top window gives a ‘bird’s eye view’ for the baby crows!

Oh, and by the way, the corn is ready to harvest!

Finished size is 18” x 33”

Price – $10.00