How-To Guides

Fusible web appliqué & Placement Guides

You can “make a scene!” All you need is my step by step guide from making the paper-backed fusible web appliqué to using your appliqué pressing sheet!

How to finish Raw Edge Appliqué

Years ago I used to stress out on finishing raw edge appliqué; should I use a blanket stitch or maybe a satin stitch? Yes, you may, however, what I make (and teach) are wall hangings, so no need to stress – Just do edge stitching around the appliqué, and this page shows you how I do it.

Directions to attach flange binding

Quilters are always asking me for tips on attaching the two ends of flange binding. So I’ve made this two page “how-to” sheet. AND it works! – just take your time and you’ll love the results. You really must give it a try. By the way, this is the process I also use when making attaching the ends of double fold binding.

Laser-cut Fusible web how-to for Kits

So you bought a laser cut appliqué kit! Super! However, there are still steps to follow and this “how-to” sheet will guide you through the process.

Make a Hanging Sleeve AND Flange Binding

Finish your wall hanging in little time with directions for a hanging sleeve and a two-color flange binding. BOTH are attached completely by machine! No hand sewing with these.

How-to Paper-Piece Guide

Whenever I give a quilting class I’m always asked about my paper-piecing technique. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how I do it in my “How-To” Paper-Piece Guide.

Making a Label

Labels are important! They tell the ‘story’ of our quilts. Someday, someone will look at your quilt and ask, “Who made this?” “What did they name it?” “When was it made?” “Where was it made?” Etc, etc. Hey, it might even be you asking these questions! We do tend to forget things as we ‘age’! So let’s make a label and satisfy our curiosity!

Making and Adding Quarter Inch Single Fold Binding

Notice that the title states quarter inch SINGLE fold binding? Yes, there are different size bindings, however, I make single bindings 99% of the time, because my quilt projects are wall hangings 99% of the time, which means that they do NOT need a double binding like a bed quilt requires.