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Welcome to Sue’s Sweet Season Quilt Patterns

Thank you for visiting Sweet Season Quilts. Below are my available patterns, the newest is Sweet Season Chickadees. All patterns are available for purchase here through PayPal or contact your local quilt shop.

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Sweet Season Chickadees

A chickadee duo, morning glories and blue skies combine to make this 16″w by 19″h wall hanging a perfect size project. Simple, complete directions for fusible web machine appliqué and the technique of quilting as you go. Finished size 16”w by 19”h. Sweet Season Chickadees

Sweet Season Cardinals

A cardinal duo, flowers, ivy and blue skies combine to make this 16″w by 19″h wall hanging a great project. Simple, complete directions for fusible web machine appliqué with technique of quilting as you go. Finished size 16”w by 19”h. Sweet Season Cardinals

Sandpiper Shuffle

Here those cute little birds come again doing “The Sandpiper Shuffle”. Another quick and easy wall hanging pattern from Sue with sandpipers, sand, surf, sea grass and one curious crab. Finished size 26″w by 12″h. Sandpiper Shuffle

Evening Blaze

The fire is blazing and the sky is too! It’s time to get together with your special someone and enjoy the view. Quilters, you’ll be able to make this beautiful wall hanging in no time at all! Finished size is 26” wide by 21” high. Evening Blaze

Winterberry Café

It’s lunchtime at the Winterberry Café and some of our favorite birds have arrived for their dining pleasure! You’ll enjoy making this seasonal wall hanging, which is a perfect size of 18″ wide by 27″ high. Winterberry Café

A Barnyard Christmas

Quilters, you will love making this cute wall hanging with easy techniques of quilting as you go and fusible web machine appliqué. AND the best part of this pattern is that you can very easy personalize the color of the “best friends” and the background and border colors, too! A great beginner project. A Barnyard Christmas

Best Friends

Quilters, you will love making this cute wall hanging with easy techniques of quilting as you go and fusible web machine appliqué. AND the best part of this pattern is that you can very easy personalize the color of the “best friends” and the background and border colors, too! A great beginner project. Best Friends


Here’s a series for the Moose and Bear groupies – we offer three new patterns. Make them combined or separately. Moosenbeary


Three scenes make up this pattern – Sand Dancers, Dockside and Seagull Point. Combine them to make this peaceful, idyllic landscape. Combined size is 18”w by 41”h. It’s so fun and easy to make in a few days. Seaside

Loon Lake

Meet the king and queen of the Loon Lake! Make this very easy project in one day! Size is 15”w x 13”h. Loon Lake

Up North Seasons

Four patterns – each finishes at 18” x 18” with techniques of simple piecing, quilting as you go, and easy fusible web machine appliqué. Up North Seasons

Gotta Have It Bag

Make it, fill it, roll it up and take it everywhere! Great for quilters on retreat – sew-ins – or hang it besides your sewing station. Gotta Have It Bag

Tea By The Sea

Sit back and watch the waves come in, see sailboats drift by, and enjoy the lighthouse view. Oh and there’s chocolate cake, too! Tea By The Sea.

My Up North Window

The perfect northern window scene – the lake, dock, wildlife and distance mountains! All viewed from your window. My Up North Window.

Fly Away

Up and away we go with this colorful wall hanging. Fly Away

My Other Machine

We love featherweights! But if you don’t have one of your own, why not MAKE one? My Other Machine

Merry Ducky

It’s always a good time to make a fast and fun wall hanging for Christmas and the winter season! “Merry Ducky” fits the bill! Merry Ducky.

Witchy Moon

The witch is ready to RIDE! Another fast and fun wall hanging for Halloween (or anytime)! Witchy Moon.

Turtle Beach

“Lets go to the Beach!” Feel the sand between our toes, take a dip in the ocean, enjoy balmy breezes, explore sand dunes, and. . . .if we’re really lucky, we could see baby turtles! Turtle Beach.

Puppy Canoe

Who doesn’t love a puppy, and what’s better than one puppy? Two puppies in a canoe! They’re both quite fascinated by the frog, or could it be the water lily? Whichever it is, they sure are cute! Puppy Canoe.

Cabin at the Lake

Are you looking for a fast and easy weekend project? Here’s the one for you! Cabin at the Lake.

Sunset Lake

What could be better than sitting on the dock, watching the sitting sun’s reflection on the lake and wrapped in your favorite quilt? Oh yes, a glass of wine, too! Sunset Lake.

My Retreat Bag

Do you need a huge bag for going on retreat? This is the one to make! It’s perfect for all your projects, notions, fabrics, etc. etc. to take along! My Retreat Bag.

My Beach Bag

Going to the Beach? We all know that you’ll need a huge bag to hold all that beach “stuff”; lotion, towels, sunglasses, flip-flops, etc., etc.! This is the perfect bag to make! My Beach Bag.

Ready for Retreat

Ready for Retreat is the perfect beginner project that quick to make, requires very little fabrics and supplies, AND is super cute, too! Ready for Retreat.

At the Beach

At the Beach is the perfect beginner project that quick to make, requires very little fabrics and supplies, AND is super cute, too! Read more about At the Beach.

Quilting at the Lake

Nothing could be better than summer vacation at the cabin and seeing this view from your sewing room! Oh, you don’t have a cabin with a window view like this? Well now you can make it and customize it to your own design. Add a valance, change the quilt block, add kayakers (or not), and some friendly chickadees for company while you quilt away. Read more about Quilting at the Lake.

Sewing by the Sea

Imagine being on vacation and sitting at your sewing machine, stitching up your latest creation, all the while looking out your window at a peaceful, coastal scene. This could be your view every day of the year with my pattern, “Sewing by the Sea”! Read more about Sewing by the Sea.

Snow Birds

Bird watchers, this one is for you! Feed the birds on your way to a cozy lakeside fire and enjoy the snowy lake and mountains too! Read more about Snow Birds.

The Witchy Ladies

The Witchy Ladies have come to town! Start your visit at the “Magic Hats” to find the perfect pair of witchy shoes and matching hat. Or gaze into the “Crystal Ballroom” for predictions of future luck, or not. Then finish the day at the “Witches Brew” pub, but look out, there’s always some runaway frogs and bats on the loose! Read more about The Witchy Ladies.

Moon Lake

Enjoy a moon lit evening at the lake along with some woodland critters – a deer, raccoon, turtle, two loons and a wise old owl! Make this beautiful 43”w x 36”h wall hanging with simple piecing and fast & easy fusible web, machine appliqué. Read more about Moon Lake.

Back Up North

It’s summer vacation time again so let’s head back to the lake, the mountains, the wildlife and the peace of it all. Welcome to “Back Up North”! We offer two individual scenes, The Lakehouse and Lean-To Point, plus a larger three-in-one pattern called “Back Up North” which includes the Lakehouse & Lean-To Point, Plus the “Lakeside” scene. All are made with simple piecing, easy fusible web machine appliqué, and quilting as you go! Read more about Back Up North.

Bridge of Flowers

This pattern was inspired by the “real” Bridge of Flowers that spans the Deerfield River in the village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. It was built in 1908 and was originally a trolley bridge that connected both sides of the village. Years later an “auto” bridge was built and the trolley bridge was no longer used. In 1928 local citizens brought it back to life as a walkway filled with flowers and trees. Beginners to advanced will enjoy making this pattern, with simple piecing and easy fusible web machine appliqué. Read more about Bridge of Flowers.

Run for the Money

For those who love the thoroughbreds, the pounding of the hoofs, the thrill of the race, the colorful silk jerseys, the winner’s circle, and the festive atmosphere, this one’s for you! Enjoy your day “at the track”! Read more about Run for the Money.

The Holiday Ladies

Four holiday barn patterns to make individually or combine them into a village scene as shown below. When combined, all four patterns will make a quilted wall hanging that is 41”x 34” with borders. For beginners to advanced quilters to enjoy, made easy with simple piecing and fusible web appliqué. Read more about The Holiday Ladies.

Mud Season

What is Mud Season”? It’s rainy spring days, new flowers, adorable baby animals and . . . . mud! “Mud Season” is a combination of three patterns, “Little Woolies”, “The Cowgirls”, and “Rubber Ducky”. Patterns are sold separately but include directions to combine all three. Read more about Mud Season.

Snowy Hideaway

Deep in the snowy forest you’ll find a magical tree where the woodland elves live! They have many visitors; bunnies, chipmunks and curious birdies! This wall hanging is made with traditional piecing, connector corners, raw edge fusible web appliqué and the appliqué pressing sheet! It measures 38”W x 42”H with borders. Bonus red cardinal pattern included to add to your pinetree top branch. Read more about Snowy Hideaway.

Up North

Make your summer vacation last all year long by creating one or all of my “Up North” patterns! Choose three individual wall hangings “Deer Island”, “Lakeside Retreat”, “Chick & Dee” or make a complete northern vista with, “My Up North Front Porch”! Includes appliqué patterns for the railing quilt, ramp, potted geraniums, porch, posts & railings, PLUS complete directions for combining all four patterns!
Read more about Up North.

Over East

Where should we go on Summer Vacation? How About “Over East!” Visit busy docks and lighthouses, watch seagulls, pelicans and sandpipers play in the surf, roam the sand dunes, explore coastal rocks or just sail away! It’s all in my latest series; “Over East.” The four patterns that make up this series are “Down at the Dock”, “Harbor Light”, “Out to Sea”, and “Sandpipers on Parade.” Make one OR make and connect all four! Read more about Over East.

The Barnyard Ladies

Each Lady measures 18” x 33”, and as with all the ‘lady’ series, the individual quilts are designed to connect to one another making a larger wall hanging. To combine these ladies, just leave off the left side flowers, attach your favorite ladies in any order, then if desired, add the flowers to either side. By the way, the flowers may be ‘swapped’ among all four Barnyard Ladies. Visit The Barnyard Ladies.

The Hen Party

These three ‘chatty’ hens are having a party! Dress them in bright fabrics; add beads, feathers or other embellishments! They are made using fusible web appliqué and traditional piecing. Finished size is 12” x 25” Visit The Hen Party.

The Shop Ladies

Each shop measures 6″ x 18″ without borders, (10″ x 22″ with borders). Make one or make several and attach them together to create a street of your favorite shops! Visit The Shop Ladies.

The Painted Ladies

Sold as separate patterns designed as stand alone wall hangings, each measuring 16″ x 34″ (with borders), or join them together–two, three or all four. Visit The Painted Ladies.

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