Jandd Panniers (or just call them saddlebags)

Now that the end of November is near, I realize that I’ll soon have to store my bike away until next spring.  I really love riding my bike around the village, mostly up to the  bank, Shop & Save, and Rite Aid.  Occasionally on weekends, John will join me and we’ll head up route 40, which is great!  For eight miles we can enjoy the wide, WIDE shoulders of Route 40.  The short trip will bring us to the tiny hamlet of Easton, where a really sweet antique shop can be found! 

But back to my original thought; I’m going to miss riding my bike over winter.   For my birthday last year, John bought me some saddlebags!  Actually they’re called Panniers.  Jandd is the company name, and my panniers are called the Grocery Bag. 

They are wonderful!  I can remove them and take them into the store for shopping, load them up, then reattach them to head back home.  AND, I also have stretchy covers to go over the tops – just in case I hit a really big bump so nothing comes crashing out!

bike with grocery bag pannier's

     Here’s what they look like.

     Pretty neat, huh?

grocery bag pannier with covers





     . . . . . and with covers attached

I guess I can always pull a sled to and from the store, it’s not like I haven’t done that before.  But, it’s just not as ‘cool’ as my saddlebags! Oh well, another five months, then I’ll be back on my bike again!