Lilac Bushes and Gardening Season – Ready, Set, GO!

Round one, done!  Yes, I won the first round, I trimmed the lilac bushes and came out with only two minor scratches.  And now my lawn care season has officially started!

lilac bushes,4-10See the lilac bushes in the middle of the picture?  The tops are fairly even once again.  I probably ‘adjust’ them three times a year, and actually don’t mind doing the deed one bit.  After all, the view beyond them is definitely worth my ‘labors’!

This ‘part’ of the season is my favorite; no bugs, still rather cool for manual outdoor labor, and the time spent is minimal compared to the time spent during the summer months. 

But I’m now back ‘inside’ for a few hours; a little bit of house cleaning, a little bit of working in my studio, and a lot of undivided attention given to my two kitties.  Rosie (top shelf) and Spanky just below.  (Usually it’s the other way around!)