Adirondack Quilt Shop

Saturday I spent an entire day at Adirondack Quilt Shop, And I loved every minute!  the shop is nearly two thousand square feet of ‘candy’ for a quilter!  Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Fabrics, Read-made inspiring quilts, Fabrics, Sewing machines, friendly, knowledgeable owner & staff, a long arm machine & service, and did I mention FABRICS?

Located at 21 cooper Street, Glens Falls, in an old turn of the century warehouse/factory.  you know the type of building, with high ceilings, equally high windows, old wooden floors and unique features that can only be found in such a building.  Besides Adirondack Quilts, you’ll also find a wonderful Tea Shop, a Bead Shop, and a slew of other crafters and shops.

BTW, if you haven’t visited Glens Falls lately, you should put it on your ‘to-do’ list.  Loads of new shops, restaurants and eateries, two fantastic bike routes (one goes along the canal, the other the whole way into Lake George), and of course the Adirondack Quilt Shop. 
OK, so back to Saturday . . .  I had the pleasure of teaching another ‘Shop Lady’ workshop.  They’re so fun because everyone goes home with a project that is ready to quilt!  And here’s the proof . . . .

Three of the four quilters chose to make the Quilt Shop.
First up is Dorothy; we both loved the ‘kitty’ fabric that she added.

Dorothy at ACK Workshop

Next up is Theresa, who made Animal Krackers Pet Shop, as you can see, the pets are missing, but she did add them just before the class ended.

Theresa at ADK Workshop

Then here’s Judy with her ‘Quilt Shop’, and she decided to go with yellow, orange & purple for her shop windows (Great color combo)

Judy at ADK Workshop

Last we have Jamie’ with her Quilt Shop, first the cutting, then the finished shop.

Jamie at ADK Workshop Jamie's Shop Lady