Show & Share

The Painted Ladies are still going strong! I’m still getting orders, both retail AND wholesale, for all four them!  I must say, they are very special to me, being my first ‘published’ patterns.  And I want to thank ALL of you who made one or more of them, and hope you enjoyed them as much as I did in designing them!

And of course, I don’t want to leave out The Shop Ladies.  They have come in very ‘handy’ for workshops, just because they go together so quickly.  Some adjectives that I’ve heard over the past year about them are, “cute” , “sweet”, “easy”, “great gift quilts”, to mention just a few.  And, all of you who took the class finished the top during the 9 to 4 class time! (I told you they were quick and easy)

But hang on, I have four more Ladies in the works . . . .The Barnyard Ladies.  Wait till you see them!  They are the same size as the Painted Ladies, but they are less “labor intensive” (as a recent quilter said) then the Painted Ladies.  I have coming your way, “The Buggy Barn”, “The Quilt Loft”, “The Country Stable”, and “The Milk Shed”.  I don’t want to show any pictures yet, but they should be out in the next month or so!  Can’t wait!

Anyone else have some finished Painted OR Shop Ladies to show & share? If so, send me an email, I’d love to hear from you!