Judy–the Lake Lady

Thought I’d share three very special “Up North” wall hangings with all of you.  They were made by Judy (the “Lake Lady”).  She REALLY loves the “Up North” scene and has a special interest in embroidery!  What do you all think?  My reaction was “WOW”!  Smile

And here they are – the first one Judy made was a fall scene . . . .
Can you find the chipmunk & owl?

Up North by Judy Bernhard

And what comes after fall? . . . . .Winter!

Another chipmunk (or the same one), Ice skates, hockey, snowman, and ice racing!  Very Cool! Smile

Up North by Judy Bernhard2 in the winter

And Judy’s newest one is a summer “Fourth of July”scene . . .
Can you find the sunglasses? 
Love the hummingbirds! Oh No, what happened to Chippy?

Up North by Judy Bernhard3 in the summer

If Judy comes up with a Spring scene, I’ll be sure to pass it on to all of you!  Smile