At Home Quilting and “Mud Season”

I “visited” with some quilters from At Home Quilting this past weekend and as always, at a GREAT time!  Four quilters made “Mud Season” and one went with “Snowy Hideaway”.  At Home Quilting started as a long arm shop, (and still is!), but Jennie & Dan (0wners) are branching out and adding some wonderful fabrics and some GREAT notions!  The shop is located on the Main street of Johnstown, NY.  And for those in the capital district of New York state, a reminder that Shop Hop is coming up this Thursday thru Sunday, AND if you’re going to visit Gloversville, you really should stop by and say Hi to Dan and Jennie in their shop.  Exact address is 108 West Main St, Johnstown.  So punch it into your GPS and head on over. 
P.S. they have four long arm machines to try out!   So if you’re in the market, check them out!

Anyway, I must show you all some pics from the two day workshop!

Let’s start with Cathy Jo and her “Snowy Hideaway”  Love the blue door.

April 2013 Cathy Jo

And here are the “Mud Season” quilters

First up is Cynthia – the ducks will be along shortly

April 2013 Cynthia

Next is Stacey – and it’s Raining! Smile

April 2013 Stacey

Here’s colorful Suzette (her ducks will be along shortly, too! )

April 2013 Suzette

and owner Jennie with all the “critters”

April 2013 Jennie

Great job quilters, looking forward to seeing them in May at your guild meeting! Smile