A story about a broken Iron

My Iron Broke! Oh NO!  How can I finish my current quilt project?

Broken Iron 

Go buy a new one, that’s how.  Easier said then done. 
I wanted an iron “just like the one that broke”.
I went (via car and across Hot pavement) to Target, Boscov, JCPenny, Walmart and Lowes.
None had “my” iron; the Panasonic with telfon coated bottom and retractable cord, and turns off automatically. 
There were plenty of Rowenta’s, a few SunBeams, and some off the wall brand names, but no Panasonic’s. 

I returned home empty handed and decided to order one online.  (Yes, the exact one can be found in several online store)
BUT, that means I must  WAIT   7 to 10 days for it’s arrival!
Waiting is NOT good for me when I’m in the “design and make” phrase.

AND, I’ve also decided that my household should try to be a little GREENER!

So after close examination of my “broken” iron, I decided it needed a Washer.  
There has GOT be be a washer in this house, Somewhere!

The Fix  




       FOUND ONE!



      AND, lo and behold, I fixed IT!

Ready to put back together





      See the washer at the front point?
      Yes, that took care of my “Broken” Iron.



        GOOD AS NEW!!!!!!

Done! REady to use

I proudly showed my efforts to my “Can fix anything Husband”, and I must give him credit by telling me that I did Good!
But in the same breathe he added that now I can buy a new one to have on hand, because this one will most likely break AGAIN,
and “You’ll Be Sorrrrrrrrrr-eeeeee”

I reminded him of our “going green” efforts, and he dropped the subject. 
Sure hope this iron hangs in there for another few months, so I can gloat about it over and over!