A Notion To Quilt June 26, 2010

Yesterday, Saturday June 26th, I had another wonderful class at A Notion To Quilt.  I LOVE that shop! The owners, Becki & Lenny are great! It’s a 5 minute drive from the cute little New England village of Shelburne Falls.  Yes, there are falls, BIG, beautiful falls that can be enjoyed year round.  And when the state put in a new roadway bridge over the Deerkill River, the village turned  the older bridge into a gorgeous flower garden walkway.

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls




  Here’s the ‘old’ Bridge of Flowers.  If I had time, I would have loved to stroll along the pathway.  Another time . . . .





But, back to the reason for my being in Shelburne Falls . . . .  to teach another Painted Lady class! The time goes so quickly when teaching a class, but we accomplished everything that we wanted to get done, and let me tell you, that’s not easy to do when A Notion To Quilt is packed with fabrics and notions that are SO inviting!  All the newest fabrics are in and they were going like hotcakes!

A Notion To Quilt Sign 2010 005 A Notion To Quilt entrance 2010 004

All five quilters made a door! That’s always fun to show them how easy it is to get started, and of course, once that door is made, you MUST add windows, walls and a roof!

Here are the doors . . . . .

Liz with A Flower Shop Door ,  Louise, and her Bake Shop Door, and Mary, Evelyn, and Mary with Boutique Doors.

Liz's Flower shop Door Louise's Bakery door A Notion To Quilt 2010 014 Evelyn's Boutique Door Mary's Boutique Door

Wow, they all really got a great start on their ‘Lady’!  That’s where it begins, by making a DOOR! 🙂

AND, we had a surprise visit from a Painted Lady quilter of last year’s class!  Sue stopped by to show us her “Painted Ladies at the Beach”.

You’re going to LOVE IT!  Check it out . . . Palm trees, beach balls, tropical flowers, and “Key West” colors! It’s stunning!

Sue's Painted Ladies at the Beach