A Notion To Quilt and The Bridge of Flowers

Saturday I ventured back “over the mountain pass” and headed to A Notion to Quilt, AGAIN!  I really love that shop!  Anyway besides giving another class, this time The Shop Ladies were on the agenda, BUT I allowed myself extra time to stop in the village of Shelburne Falls.  Remember me saying that I wanted to spend more time checking out the Bridge of Flowers?  Well that’s exactly what I did!

Learned a bit of history about it also . . . .   The bridge was built in 1908 as a trolley bridge across the Deerfield River to connect the towns of Shelburne and Buckland.  As with many things, the trolley line was abandoned in 1928.  HOWEVER, only one year went by and Antoinette and Walter Burnham decided to transform the trolley bridge into a flower bridge.  So the Bridge of Flowers Committee was formed and the work began. 

Bridge of Flowers1  Bridge of Flowers1 (1)

There are over 500 varieties of annuals and perennials planted and tended by local volunteers.

Check it out for yourself at www.bridgeofflowersmass.org

Bridge of Flowers1 (5) Bridge of Flowers1 (3)

AND, on to A Notion To Quilt . . . . .   As always, my time in this shop just flies by.  Between the quilters in the class and the shoppers in the store, I’m constantly kept busy ‘doing my thing’. 

This time there were three quilters in the class, (one couldn’t come at the last minute).  And here are my pictures of their work!  Great Job LADIES!

Here’s Liz, she wanted to make The Animal Krackers Pet Shop.  She said she’ll probably ‘fussy’ cut some doggy prints that she has at home to put in the windows.  Check out the adorable ‘dog-bone’ fabric for the border! 🙂

Liz 7-10

Sitting across from Liz is her quilting buddy, Louise.  She decided to continue her work on The Painted Ladies.  You may recall that she started the Boutique in the June Class.  Well, she kept right at it, because she not only finished the Boutique, BUT also finished The Bakery & Cafe.  Check it out! 

Lousiie 7-10

Then next to Louise sat Bev.  One of the many quilters who tell me that they’re beginners, and every time, I discover that they know a LOT more then they think!  Bev worked on “Sounds Sew Sweet”, one of the Shop Ladies.  She’s making it for her sister, but it’s OK if I tell, sister knows about it!

Bev 1-10SO, another successful day at A Notion To Quilt.  Don’t forget, if you’re in the Massachusetts along the Mohawk Trail, be sure to stop in and say Hi to Becki, husband Lenny, and mom, Nancy!