Sweet Season Quilts Website Updated

Our sweet website just got a little sweeter.  We are now using the latest version of Sueetie, an online community application with—almost—the perfect name.

“What’s new,” you ask?  The most significant differences are those behind the scenes that you don’t see.  There are a number of new features that we hope to turn on at some point, but there’s only so much time in the day and creating fun patterns takes up most of it!   Speaking of saving time, managing our Patterns Pages, How-To Guides and other content just got a whole lot easier, as we can now click on any page and make any changes we need to make.  We can also add new pages anytime we want with our new Sueetie content management system.  Now that’s a time saver!

Our upgraded blog has spiffy new features that will help us block those nasty spammers. Our Photo Gallery was upgraded as well. One of the features we think you’ll really like about the Photo Gallery is that you can now click on a photo and see the original image.  Super close-up views of our gallery quilts!

There’s a new site search feature that we think you’ll like, too.  And for another new search feature, be sure to look for “tags” at the bottom of blog posts and other pages. Clicking on any of those tags will show you all content on the site that shares the same tag.

If you’re interested in your own Sueetie website with the features you see here, talk to Dave Burke.  Dave refers to himself as the Sueetie Head Ice Cream Dipper, but he knows a thing or two about websites as well.