Quilters’ Travel Companion

OK, you’re a quilter and you love to travel, so I’m sure you probably know all about The Quilter’s Travel Companion. You don’t?  Trust me, go out and get this book, or get one for your group. 

I love planning road trips for myself and my friends, The Saturday Morning Cut-ups. We try to schedule two or three such trips a year, and ALL the planning starts with the Quilters’ Companion.  Here’s a quick overview; each state is listed alphabetically along with a map and DOTS, (dots representing THE QUILT SHOPS!) , then the shops are listed with their address, directions, what they offer, phone, email, web address, everything you need to put together your own HOP! Yes, it’s that good, and I know you’ll find great shops that are within driving distance from your front (or back) door. 

Of course, there’s the trips that I plan when flying to a different state also. Say for instance, Minnesota, the state I’ll be visiting the end of May, (that’s another blog entry).  Minnesota must rank near the top of having the most quilt shops, I’m not sure which ones I want to eliminate.  There are so many, I know I can’t visit all of them.  See, that’s why I have the Quilter’s Companion.   Without this book, I wouldn’t know about all these great shops! 

When I get back from my Minnesota, I do believe it’s time for another road trip!