And what does letterboxing have to do with quilting? Nothing, except that it’s another hobby of mine, and one that I introduced to my quilting friends.  Ah, so there might be a small connection after all!

Letterboxing is a treasure hunt with clues and of course the “treasure”, once found.  To find the Clues, go online to:  www.atlasquest.com   Choose one that may interest you, (preferably in close proximity to your home) and prepare to FIND it!  First start by buying OR making a rubber stamp.  Bring along an ink pad, small notebook, pen and compass.  Sometimes the clue might involve a GPS unit, but this hobby is NOT be be confused with geocaching, another type of treasure hunt. 

Then the Hunt begins.  Keep in mind that finding the box must remain a secret, so be discreet while looking for it, AND make sure you always place it back in it’s location, completely hidden from view.  Also, pay attention to any added comments along with the clues.  Things like area history, and wildlife.  Make the most of your hunt!

So what’s in the box? Thought you’d never ask!   Once you locate your box, you’ll open it to find the same items that you brought along with you!  A rubber stamp, ink pad, pen & notebook!  What you do now is exchange information.  In other words, stamp your book with their stamp, write the date and any other information about the area that you’d like to remember.  Then stamp their book with your stamp, again writing the date, and possibly your city, state and some note to the owner of the box, (optional).  Don’t include your name, it’s really not needed. 

That’s letterboxing.  It’s FUN and a great way to get outdoors and explore new places.  You’ll be surprised to discovered just how many boxes are hidden around the world!  By the way, when you check out the website, take time to read how this hobby began.  You’ll see that it’s a very OLD hobby that started in England. Fascinating!