Pumpkin Patch and Up North (& more)

I traveled to Lee, MA a few weeks back and taught another weekend class at Pumpkin Patch Quilt Shop!  I know you’ve heard me mentioned this shop before!  It’s a cute little quilt shop in a cute little New England village that you should visit sometime!  Be sure to plan on having lunch at one of the many eateries in the village, they’re all great! Smile

The weekend class was open to anyone wanting to make or finish any of my patterns.  Some quilters made Up North, one was working on Snowy Hideaway, and another making Sandpipers on Parade.  The girls accomplished a lot in the two days (some were only there for one day, and still got a lot done!)

And here they are . . . .

First up is Joan  with her “Up North”


Next is Sarah with “Lakeside Retreat” from my  “Up North” series . . . .


Then Nancy decided to work on “Snowy Hideaway”, and added quite a bit in just one day! (there’s a lot of pieces in Snowy Hideaway) Smile


Next up is Cathy with her full size ‘”Up North” (also a lot done for only one day, don’t you think?) . . . .


and last, but not least is Liz with her “Sandpipers on Parade”, a great one day project. Liz will be adding the other three scenes of “Over East” at home!   Smile


And another successful day at Pumpkin Patch!

Till next time . . . . .  Smile