Log Cabin with Mud Season!

I taught my first class with my latest series of patterns which I call “Mud Season”, which is actually three patterns that may be combined to create one larger wall hanging.  There is “Little Woolies”, “The Cowgirls”, and “Rubber Ducky”.   I really enjoy creating patterns with critters! Smile

Log Cabin Fabrics is where the class was held – one of my all time favorite shops!  We had several quilters signed up for the class, but then the “BIG” snowstorm hit and we were down to four quilters.  Funny thing, the four who showed had the longest drive! Guess they REALLY wanted to make Mud Season!

And here they are . . .

First up is Carol and Ann

Carol and Ann Mud Season Feb 2013 

And next up are Stephanie and Nancy . . . .

Stephanie and Nancy Mud Season Feb 2013

And everyone, our “Mud Season” in the northeast is just around the corner – I’m looking forward to another season!