Keepsake Quilting!

Some exciting news for Sweet Season Quilts and The Painted Ladies.  The patterns will be available from Keepsake Quilting in their fall catalog. I should mention that I’m still a bit dazed by this news.  The only thing I could say when their purchasing agent called, was “Wow”.  She laughed and said that was the typical response from first time vendors. Since that phone call I’ve been busy printing more pattern covers and stuffing pattern envelopes, I want to be all set when Keepsake quilting sends for the Ladies!

I’m also deep into the designs, patterns and directions for six new wall quilts. “The Shop Ladies” should be available by fall or early winter of this year.  These new little ladies are going to be fun!  They’re a bit smaller in size than the Painted ladies, which means less fabrics and supplies, and they are perfect for ALL skill levels.  I usually don’t think of my patterns as “quilt in a day”, but these could be listed that way, or maybe a “weekend project”  Laughing  Over the next few weekends, I must do some mini road trips, seems like I need more fabric to make the Shop Ladies!  Imagine that!