Those Wonderful Little Country Quilt Shops

Hubby & I went camping over the past weekend, and being the avid quilter that I am, I naturally researched quilt shops in the "camping area".  Sure enough, there were three within "reasonable" driving distance.  (I don’t know about you, but reasonable to me equals one hundred miles) Laughing 

All three shops were wonderful; one small and cluttered, but the owner knew exactly where to find what I wanted.  Another one had the largest collection of Christmas fabrics I have ever seen, and the third shop had a sign on the front door saying "Don’t let the dogs escape".  Yes the two little buggers were smack up against the entry door looking for their chance to ‘bolt’ (a little quilter humor). LOL 

But all three shops had one thing in common; everyone there was happy!  We were surrounded by row after row of gorgeous fabrics, just waiting for the many possibilities to happen.  One quilter was looking for the perfect red to bind her log cabin quilt, (it was a beauty!), another was buying 8 yards! of fabric to make 10 bridemaid aprons, and needed them done by August!  God Bless Her! Still another was just browsing, waiting for the fabric to "talk" to her.  (been there, done that!) And all were happy. 

For myself, I had a great time, bought several fat quarters and several yards of fabrics, (my motto is, "My stash will never die!").  Now I’m home and catching up on phone messages and emails.  One message wanted to sign me up for a workshop, and an email asked to show my Painted Ladies (& sell patterns) at a show in Lowell, MA.

So, it’s back to ‘normal’, that is, until my next camping trip, or road trip, or shop hop, etc, you know what I’m talking about!  After all, there are hundreds of little country quilt shops out there just waiting for me to ‘come on in’!