Jay Peak Retreat!

Two weekends ago, I had my first opportunity to return to an area that I knew well back in the seventies and early eighties!  I was asked to teach at a quilting retreat at Jay Peak, Vt.  Boy, did that area ever change since I lived there!  The view out my front window back then, while living in the woods near Enosburg Falls, was of Jay Peak in the distance – and  – I was lucky enough to be on that very mountain top to take part in this fantastic retreat with some wonderful quilters!  Loved every minute of it!

In case I’ve caught your interest, you might want to check out the Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont!  It’s open year round, with never ending activities, AND the indoor waterpark is the largest I’ve seen! WOW, is all I can say, and will definitely bring my swim suit next year when I go back! Smile  Hey quilters!  There’s even a very special quilt shop close by called Country Thyme, owned and operated by Kay who happened to be the sponsor of this fabulous event!

And now, let me show you what the quilters in my class accomplished that weekend – all chose to make Up North except one quilter who decided to create “Mud Season”

Lets start with Donna (my Mud Season quilter)

jay peak 002


Next is Pierrette with her fall version of “Up North”


Then Irene and Monica (with their kitties on the ramp)

Irene and Monica

Next comes Sherry and Phyllis

Sherry and Phyllis

Here is Judi (one of three Judy’s in the class) Smile and Sandy 
Oh, and take notice to the mountains out the windows!  Yes, that was our quilt room!  Lucky us!  Talk about inspiration!

Judi and Sandy

Next is Linda, Judy and Judy (told you there were three Judy’s)

Judy Linda and Judy

And finally, here’s the whole gang! Smile

The Jay Peak Group

Thank you to my first Jay Peak Retreat Quilters!

P.S. I have a bonus photo from Linda – this is one of her creations.  She enjoys fabric painting, just one of the techniques used in this “challenge” piece of hers .

Linda with her creation