Chestertown Country Girl Quilt Shop and a two day workshop

Wow,is it really the Saturday after Black Friday??  If so, I am really on behind with my postings.  I must “catch you up”! Smile  In the early part of this month, I had a wonderful two day workshop in Chestertown, NY at Country Girl Quilt Shop!  Haven’t been there yet?? It’s a very nice drive from the capital district, straight up the northway to exit 25.  And the village of Chestertown is so quaint.  After checking out the quilt shop, be sure to visit the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor!  Yes, they have wonderful Ice Cream – BUT they also have GREAT food, not the usual either.  AND the upstairs is a gift shop with everything Adirondack! 

So now, back to my workshop,  we had quilters making “Up North” and quilters making “THe Holiday Ladies”

However, first up is Jean, who was in an earlier class where she made Up North in the summer – but she also made it in a Winter Scene, which I’ll show here

Jean Winter Up North

and since we started with Jean, here’s her Holiday Ladies from the workshop – she is one ambitious Quilters! Smile

Jean Holiday Ladies

Next up is Barbara – an “Up North” lady


Here’s Fay, with a great start to her Holiday Ladies


Here’s Jan  – another “Up North” lady Smile  Cute porch railing quilt!


Here’s Linda with her version of “Up North”  Love the sky Smile


And another Linda – can you believe this is her first quilt!  And not only that, her first sewing project, ever!  Great Job!

Linda 2

Here’s Sandy with her Holiday Ladies – looks like she’s ready for Santa! Smile


and Lois – with Santa’s sleigh Barn ready to go!

Lois 2

Next up is Roxie with her “Up North” – another wonderful northern scene!


And here’s Pocahontas, I mean Sandy!

Sandy P

and last but not least is Shirley! 


Wonderful job Quilters!  hope to see you all again Up North in Chestertown Smile