Anything with a “Q”

Yup, I will definitely stop at ALL quilt shops (at least once)  But I also stop at any shop with a "Q" in it.  Guess what?  That includes antiQue shops!  Hubby understands about stopping at all quilt shops, but he usually just ‘tolerates’ the antique shop, just another reason why the female and male species should NOT shop together.

I must admit, I can ALWAYS find a ‘buy’ in a quilt shop, but most times there are no purchases made in the antique shop, just LOTS of browsing!  You never know what you might find under an old table or hanging from a peg on the wall.  And I’m starting to dicker, I’m not good at it, Yet, but I’m learning. 

However today I did stop at an Antique shop, and made a purchase! I found an old toll painted black tray, reminded me of Connie, my mother-in-law.  She’s gone now, but she could paint beautiful flowers and gold trim on anything!  Connie worked in a furniture factory where her job was to ‘crank’ out tables and trays and dressers with hand painted decor.  Very talented lady!  I wish I had more of her items, but my purchase today could have been hers, one never knows!