The Schaghticoke Fair

Time for the Fair! It’s the Rensselaer County Fair in Schaghticoke, New York, and it’s just “up the street” from my house!  When we moved to Schaghticoke in ‘82, we were told that the village is VERY quiet except for the week of Labor Day when the Fair ‘comes to town’. 

Well, we never minded having the fair in town, our street is just far enough away to mute most of the noise, but it’s a fun type of noise, and it’s always a treat to visit the fair at least one day out of the week.  The grandstand music, the demolition derby, the tractor pulls, the cows, chickens, rabbits, the large home grown veggies, the fast and dizzy rides, and the Fair FOOD!

One of my neighbors said that she loves to “eat her way through the fairgrounds”. Oh yes, we love fair food and we have our favorite booths to visit; hubby LOVES the sausage and peppers, and for me, its the Fried Dough with Cinnamon and Sugar, Love that stuff!  Can’t wait!


2008-spring-Rubber Ducky

  I’m also entering one of my quilts in the fair this year . . . . . . “Rubber Ducky”


So, if you happen to be in Schaghticoke, New York over the Labor Day week and would like to experience a small town county fair, be sure to stop in. 



BTW, the quilts will be in the Arts & Crafts Building! 🙂


                       “Rubber Ducky”