Log Cabin Fabrics & The Barnyard Ladies

Last Tuesday, August 24th, I headed down to one of my favorite places to “hang out”, Log Cabin Fabrics!  This shop is so far off the beaten path, that one wonders how they ever have any customers.  Never fear, us quilters can find ANY shop, even the ones ‘out in the country’!  And to prove my point, while there on Tuesday, a quilter from California just happen to stop in and buy some fabrics and patterns. See, told you so!   In fact, I’ve never been there without seeing other customers, maybe it has something to do with Londa, the wonderful, sweet shop owner, and the very knowledgeable, and just as sweet, Lisa!

AND of course, once you do make your way through the beautiful countryside to the Log Cabin Fabrics, you will NOT be disappointed!  The fabrics are stacked from floor to ceiling, and they carry all the latest lines, too.  Batik’s, flannels novelty prints, and row after row of quilter’s cottons are waiting for you. Oh, and one other thing, the shop really is an actual LOG CABIN!  Take a look inside. . . . . 

Log Cabin, Barnyard Lady Class,Aug.'10 005  Fabrics1

Fabrics2  Fabrics3

Oh, and did I mention that while I was there, I happened to teach a Barnyard Ladies workshop?  Great class!  There were seven quilters who wanted to make their very on Barnyard Lady.  Five made The Quilt Loft, one made The Country Stable, and one made The Buggy Barn.   Here they are . . .

Kris, Michelle, Linda, Charlotte






      At this table are Kris, Michelle, Linda & Charlotte





And Myra, Barb & Rita at this table
     (Sorry girls, the picture didn’t transfer!, don’t know why, but it just happens to me sometimes!)

AND, here are some photos of the progress on their Barnyard Ladies . . . .

Charlotte's Quilt Loft   Kris's Quilt Loft   Linda's Buggy Barn  Myra's country Stable 

A big thank you to all of you; Kris, Michelle, Linda, Charlotte, Rita, Barb & Myra, for being such great quilters! by the way, I want to see the finished hangings, SOON!