Quilting Mysteries

Have you noticed that there are a LOT of new fiction books on the market about quilting and mysteries?  Isn’t it great!  I, for one, love these books, and can see why they are popping up everywhere.  Afterall, quilting has become such a large business, AND a large number of us LOVE to read, (especially mysteries), so it’s NO mystery why we can’t wait to get our hands on these books.

My quilting buddies and I, The Cut-Ups, are advid readers.  We find these books and the ‘swap’ thing starts to happen.  In fact I mentioned the other day that we should put a sleeve and card in the back to sign, just like libraries do! (We forget which ones we’d read)


I suppose the most well know quilt author would be Jennifer Chiaverini, with her Elm Creek series, however, they really are NOT mysteries, but definitely well know by most of us.  She not only has the series books, but also an Elm Creek cookbook and two, (I think) pattern books.  She even has a fabric line for some of her patterns. 
Way to Go, Jennifer!








Our group has also read all three of Terri Thayer’s books.  Terri herself has been quilting for more than twenty years, so she definitely knows what to do with a rotary cutter and a 24 inch ruler!  And, her books can be filed under the quilting/mystery heading.  So far, she has three published, in this order . . .

image       image      image

There are two authors that I’ve found with an online search that none of us have read . . . . . . .yet! 
They are Elizabeth Lynn Casey & Arlene Sachitano.  Each have three quilt/mystery books.  They are . . . .

image     image    image

The above three by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

And the three below by Arlene Sachitano . . . .

image   image   image

No worries, we’ll have these books in our clutches in no time! 

Oh yes, there was another author I just discovered today, but must do a bit more research.  Her name is Earlene Fowler and her bio reads . . . . “her Benni Harper series features quilts, cattle, smart-mouthed women, cowboys and a sexy Latino cop.”  Yup, I will definitely look into her books. 

Oh and P.S. I have a kindle.  I LOVE my KINDLE!  If you have also have one, I’ve checked and all the above books are available for it! 
ENJOY the read!