Painted Ladies – ‘Get Started” pages

Workshops are FUN!  Fun for me and quilters are using that word, too, saying things like, "These are FUN to make!", and "they’re so FUN and different!"  

I’m learning so much from quilters who participate in my Painted Lady workshops.  The parts they like, parts they don’t, and the sections where they want more instruction.  So I’m taking notes and I’m applying these ideas to my new batch of patterns. Less ‘reading’, more diagrams, more cutting directions, etc, etc. 

Great! you say, but what can you give me to get started on the Painted Ladies right now

"GET STARTED" pages of course! Hot off the press! and you can find them with just a few clicks away.  Head on back to my homepage, scroll down to ‘your Lady’, and click on the link.  There it is! a step by step guide sheet to help you get started with pattern A. Once you make your shop door, I know you’ll be able to complete the remaining sections without any trouble. 

One LAST note about my patterns, they always INCLUDE the seam allowance, AND when sewing patterns together, the seam is ALWAYS 1/4 inch.  Just two things that I take for granted when designing patterns.

Don’t forget that I’d love to hear from you, questions, comments, suggestion, whatever! 

Thanks for visiting! SUE