Run for the Money at Almost One Of A Kind

So last week I had my first class with the pattern, the “Saratoga Horses” as some quilters are saying, but it’s actually “Run for the Money” and I designed this pattern to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Saratoga Race Track.  I myself am not a race track “groupie”, if that’s the correct name, but I did attend a few times and remembered several things that will always remind me of being “at the track”. . . .first off, the beautiful horses!  They are so sleek and ready to run!  And I’m told that there is always one grey horse in the race (so I made sure my track had one grey).  Second, the colorful silk jerseys of the jockeys.  What fun I had choosing fabrics for them!   As did the quilters in the class, which you’ll see in just a sec. 

The class was held in Ballston Spa, at Almost One of a Kind!  The group there is REALLY into the track scene, and being so close to the action, it’s hard NOT to be!

Anyway, this pattern is for all of you who love the thoroughbreds, the race, the jockeys and the whole “going to the race” experience.  If by chance you make this pattern, please be sure to send me a photo! Smile

So lets get to the quilters and THEIR horses and jockeys.  I’m told by Barb & Vickie, the shop owners, that all six quilters bought the fabric kit for this class, BUT, each one choose their own color combo of horse & jockey, so you’ll see the same scene, but they’re ALL definitely uniquely different.

First is Deb E

Deb E 

Then Deb M

Deb M

Marlene is next


Then Linda


Two more to go – Next is Barb


and last but not least, Lucy


And they’re OFF!

Great class ladies!  Thank you! Sue