“Mud Season” at foofsique

There’s a sweet little quilt shop on the outskirts of Chatham named “foofsique”.  It’s a full service shop with all the goodies that we love, plus they sale and service Janone machines, too! 
I was there a few weeks back with some quilters who wanted to make “Mud Season” for their own.  We had a great time and of course I have pics of everyone and their quilt. 

And here they are . . . .

First up is Kathy, hanging out behind the barn


and her buddy Rosemary . . . .


Then Rachel


The first three have all the “critters”, just need the rain and the flowers! Smile

Next is Sue (the cows are still out in the pasture)


and Michelle (with her seven ducklings!)


If you happen to be in Eastern upstate New York, be sure to stop in and visit foofsique and say “Hi” to Diane and Michelle for me.