Pumpkin Patch and “Just Right” bags

I traveled east a few weeks ago and had a “Just Right” bag class at Pumpkin Patch Quilts in Lee, MA.  It’s always a great little ride over there, and the village of Lee is so “New England”!  Steepled churches, picket fences, beautiful older homes, etc. etc.!  And the Pumpkin Patch is right in the center of it all!  If traveling through western Massachusetts, be sure to stop in and check out the shop and say “Hi” to Susan and Dan!

And I did say that there was a class, so never fear class participants, I have your pictures to show to everyone! Smile

First up is Janet.  She has made the “Just Right” bags in the past, but for this class, she made my newest pattern, Molly’s Just Right Bag.  And here she is . . .

Janet with Molly Bag 

And Susan joined us and made Bobbi’s Just Right Bag . . . . .

Susan with Bobbi Bag

I love the color combos they both used – ALWAYS a surprise for me!