Victoria’s Painted Ladies

I just returned from a wonderful road trip with three of my quilting buddies and I’ll tell you all about it soon, I promise!  However I wanted to pass along a picture that was sent to me from a quilter, Victoria of Pine Mountain Club, California, who made these four gorgeous Painted Ladies. 

They are soooooooo sweeeeeeet! See for yourself . . . . .




Victoria made her Painted Ladies for a Challenge quilt and won in THREE categories!  Best of Show, Best of Theme AND 2ns place in Best of Embellishments.   Congrats to you, Victoria!

The Challenge was “Pair or Pear”   -   the quilts had to have a ‘pair’ of something OR contain a pear somewhere.  She did both!  There are a pair of quilts hanging from a railing on the Quilt Shop AND a ‘pear lady’ in the Boutique.  Can you spot them?  Speaking of spots, check out the Dalmatians!  LOL!

Victoria also used photo transfer to add her best friend and quilting buddy into the scene (standing in front of the quilt shop).  There is so much that she added, I find something new every time I look at it.

SO, send me your pictures!  I love to see them and others will too!

Sue Pritt