It’s “Mud Season” again in Johnstown–“At Home Quilting”

This past weekend, was another Mud Season in Johnstown -  a cute town just on the southern edge of the Adirondacks – and the class was once again at the shop, “At Home Quilting”.  It’s located on Main street in Johnstown, and I know that I told you a bit about it just a few weeks ago, but want to mention again the great owners and their small but nicely supplied shop.  First off, it’s the long arm quilting machines that will grab your attention when you walk in– they will do the quilting for you OR let you rent time to finish your own projects, and will help you with every step of the process! 

As for shop – they offer fabrics for the patterns that they sell, along with some very essential and different notions – one of my newest favorites  that they have in stock is the pressing stick!  Jennie has both sizes, the 18” and the 48”.  So, you don’t know what a pressing stick is???  It’s a slightly padded, cloth covered, long stick!  If you press seams, open or closed, and you use the stick to do this, then you will NEVER go back to pressing seams without it again!  I own both sizes. 

But I’m getting side tracked – back to “Mud Season”!  Actually we had four Mud Season Quilters this time, one “Over East”, and one “Up North”, and you know what comes next, the photos,  Here they are . . . .

Lets start with “Over East” and Michele – this quilt is going in her “seaside room” – the sandpipers are always my favorite.


Now let’s go “Up North” with Laurie – Love days on the lake.

Laurie with Up North

Ok, back to spring and “Mud Season”

First is Laurie, who actually owns cows – lots and lots of cows! She has to go “round” hers up before adding them to her quilt!


Then here’s Kelly (from Manhattan – but loves to visit the country)


And Jackie – also visiting the country from the city


and Kelly & Jackie’s country friend – Andrea – who did all the cutting of the critters for them –  a big thank you to Andrea! Smile


Wow, the quilters got a lot done in this two day workshop, and I know I say that every time – but they really do!

Thank you quilters for a great workshop!