My “Bird” Feeder

I love my bird feeder!  Yes, even though I must budget a bit more into my ‘food’ account, it’s so worth it to see all the wild birds that show up at my feeders.  I have a large variety of them; bluejays, cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, titmouse, sparrows, grosbeaks, and goldfinches. 

And of course I have squirrels and chipmunks.  Thanks to my squirrel proof feeder, they no longer climb into and onto the feeders and clean them out! There are many different “squirrel-proof” feeders on the market, BUT this one willing works!  It looks like this . . . .

chickens and birdfeeder 003





Mine has hanging spots for eight different feeders, (I only put up five – more than enough)

See the two hanging “socks”?  They’re filled with thistle seed.  The goldfinch and the chickadees love them! A WHOLE BUNCH!

Oh, and what makes this a squirrel proof feed is the ‘baffle’ on the pole.  Nope, squirrels can’t climb or jump above it. 

Pretty clever, huh?




And like I mentioned, I get tons of birds . . . . . ALL KINDS OF BIRDS . . . . .

chickens and birdfeeder 002 chickens and birdfeeder 004

Yes, it’s a rooster and a hen!  I did a double take when I saw them under the feeder. 
There’s always one or two of these ‘birds’ getting out of our neighbors pen, and they do love to wander. 

Hey, you never know what might turn up at the birdfeeder, so keep your camera handy!