“Mud Season” at A Notion To Quilt

I went “back over” to one of my very favorite shops on Massachusetts a few weekends ago (April 27 & 28) – A Notion to Quilt! Located just south of the village of Shelburne Falls with the Bridge of Flowers.  If you’ve read my entries, I KNOW you’ll remember me telling you all about this shop & village before.  And being that it was the end of April, I had NO “issues” driving over the mountain road to get there.  It’s a beautiful drive – it’s Route 2 and if you leave North Adams and head east, you’ll go up, up, up a very winding road with a hairpin turn,  over the top , then down, down, down the other side with another very winding stretch of road.  The view at the top is breath taking – yes that’s a cliché, but it’s the only one that fits! 

So anyway, back to Mud Season at A Notion to Quilt!  As I said, the shop is one of my favorites, they have EVERYTHING that quilters love, lots of batiks, lots of modern prints, lots of landscapes, novelties, blenders, notions, patterns, machines, sewing tables, great staff – you see, everything! 
The quilters in class for that weekend were making Mud Season and one quilter stayed one day to make “Molly’s Bag” Smile 

You know what comes next – the photos!  And here they are . . . .

First up is Anna


Then our buddy, Janet

Anna & Janet

And Cindy – the ducks will be along shortly!


Here’s Gail with “Rubber Ducky” leading the way


And Joan – who just finished “building” her barn –


Next up is Virginia – a brand new Quilter!  Very impressive for her first quilt!


Unfortunately, I did NOT get photos of everyone that weekend – missing are Susanne, MaryAnn, and Sue – we’ll get back to them next time! Smile