Log Cabin Fabrics and April 2012 classes

Back again with a class and workshop at the Log Cabin Fabrics!  You must know by now how much I love teaching at this GREAT Ravena Shop, and I spent the past two weekends doing just that!  First was a pocketbook class, with everyone making “Julie’s Just Right Bag”. 

And here are the bag ladies . . . . .

                          Debbie                                                           Claudia

Bag Ladies April 2012 008 Claudia LCFabarics, April  2012

                           Julia                                            Rhonda          Mary        and Debbie

Julia LCFabrics, April 2012 Rhonda, Mary and Debbie LCFabric april 2012

Don’t you love the fabrics they chose?   Thank you Bag Ladies for a great class!

THEN, on to another “Up North” weekend!  All I can say is, “WOW”, these quilters did an amazing amount of creating!
Take a LOOK . . . .

  First up is Donna – she’s holding a picture of the view from her family camp, and her goal was to re-create it.  I’d say she did a great job! 🙂

Donna and picture Up North LCF April 2012 002 Donna Up North LCF April 2012 001

Next up is Marie, a newbie quilter,                                           
Can’t tell that from her first art quilt! 🙂

Maria Lakeside Retreat LCF April 2012 003

Next comes Ruth, with “Moose Island” (instead of the deer).

Ruth Up North LCF April 2012 010

Don’t go away, four more to come . . . . . 🙂

Here is Marie and Liz . . . . .  LOVE ‘EM!

Marie and Liz Up North LCF April 2012 005

And the last two (also “Moose” people) 🙂
Robin (love the purple & orange railing quilt) and Stacy (a fellow lover of Grease and Momma Mia) . . . . 

Robin and Stacy Up North LCF April 2012 007

Hated to see the weekend END!  We all were having a great time.
So, Bye for now, and see you again at our next “Up North” vacation.