Cabin Fever Retreat at Brandt Lake, NY

Earlier this month and spent a day at Brandt Lake, NY to teach a “bag” class to some Cabin Fever Retreaters!  Smile 

Wow, what a beautiful place to be – plenty of snow all around the lodge, and a frozen lake for the ice fisherman and the snowmobilers.  Of course, all of us quilters love going on retreats!  We get to quilt day and night, hang out with all our quilting friends, and others to wait on us AND feed us!  Can’t beat that!  This retreat was set up by Nanci, owner of The Country Girl Quilt Shop in Chestertown!

Here are the photos of the “bag ladies” . . . .

A “Bobbi” Bag and a “Molly” Bag

Brandt Lake #1 3-8 

Another “Bobbi” bag that we enlarged!  BTW, notice the floor to ceiling windows in the background!

Brandt Lake #2 3-8

And two BFF’s t6hat made the “Julie” bag!

Brandt Lake #3 3-8

Nanci will be sponsoring this retreat again next March, if interested, call to save your spot!  Country Girl Quilt shop is located at 6329 Rt 9, Chestertown, NY, ph # 518-494-2299