“Bridge of Flowers” and “A Notion to Quilt”

This past weekend (March 1st & 2nd) I traveled “over the mountain” to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, Home of The  Bridge of Flowers!  Last year, Becki, owner of A Notion to Quilt, asked me if I’d be interested in designing a “bridge” pattern.  No hesitation on my part, I loved the idea.  If you’ve read any of my past blog entries about Becki’s shop, you’ll remember that I’ve mentioned the bridge many times.  It’s definitely a destination to visit, AND so glad that it’s still standing, even after Irene tried to wipe it out! 

So, Becki and I set up a class and the response was overwhelming – so much that we needed to book TWO days for it.  (It’s only a one day project)  So I got to hang out with 16 great quilters AND enjoyed my favorite shop in MA!  By the way, hands down, A Notion To Quilt has the LARGEST collection of batiks that I’ve seen in ANY shop (and I’ve been to LOTS of them) Smile

So, lets get right to the quilters and their bridges.  They all couldn’t believe that they could make this pattern in one day, but as you’ll see, they DID!

And here are the quilters from Saturday . . . .

Shelly and Lindy  (Daughter and Mom)

2 Shelly10 Lindy 

Lois  and Dianne

3 Lois4 Dianne

Lois and Suzanne

5 Lois II8 Suzanne

Colleen and Jackie (Daughter & Mom)

6 Colleen7 Jackie

Cindy and Marsha

9 Cindy1 Marsha

And the group from Sunday . . . .

Karen & Lynn

11 Karen12 Lynn

Cindy & Jody

13 Cindy II14 Jody

Ginny and Susan

15 Ginny16 Susan

and the Sunday Group . . .

bridge 018