Best Friends at Log Cabin

I had a class this past week with three best friends.  They asked me to teach The Shop Ladies, some of my first patterns, but also some of my favorite patterns to teach.  If you’ll recall, there are ten patterns to choose, AND these little ladies go together so fast, making them great little one day projects. Anyway, the three quilters taking the class are, as mentioned, three best friends.  They live here in upstate New York for six months and also in Florida for six months, their homes very close to each other in both places.

The class so fun, with them laughing and talking about things they did and things they will be doing, all the while making their own little Shop Lady!  They each chose a different shop, which is always fun, too!

So here they are, I’m calling them “The Three Amigos”, however their names are (left to right), Luanne with The Book Nook, Roxie and The Coffee Cup Café, and Rita and her Sweet Season Quilt Shop!
Thanks for a fun day ladies!

Best Freinds