AT Home Quilting and The Holiday Lady Quilters!

I’ve been out to Johnstown for two weekend classes in the past few weeks, and the quilters there were the first to make “The Holiday Ladies”!    I never know how much quilters will accomplish when I teach a pattern for the first time, but they certainly moved right along!   And as always, we had a great time being together.

Before I add photos of the quilters, I must mention that the shop, At Home Quilting, will be moving to their new location any day now!  It’s so exciting for Jennie and Dan (owners), because they can now add more of everything! – more fabrics, notions, quilting chairs, and long arm machines!     (Maybe  sewing tables and machines, too!  Will keep you posted!

They currently reside on Main St in Johnstown, but will be moving only one and a half block away on Perry St.  Great location, tons of parking (their own lot), great natural light, etc., etc.! 

But for now – back to “The Holiday Lady” quilters . . . .

First up is Andrea, who decided to make all four Ladies – She did ALL the pre-cutting (and I must say, there is a LOT for this pattern), but it paid off for her as you can see, all the pieces are in place! Yea Andrea!


And next up is Michele  – she had three ready to be photographed – one more to go!  . . .


And Suzette – made from her “Stash” Smile  I’m told that she has a very, very, very LARGE stash!


Here’s Kathy who made “Milk & Cookies” for a                      
special gift.  They’re going to love it!                   


And Nancy also made just one “lady”
Hers being the Sleigh Barn
We all love the chimney smoke AND the “stones”!


Here’s Laurie – she got a great start on hers for being there only part time!


Here’s Patti, busy adding borders – AND here’s her Sleigh Barn – also with some Great “Stones”  made the free motion way! Smile

Patti 1            Patti 2

And last but not least!  Here’s Carol who made two different patterns of mine during the weekend
First is “The Hen Party”                                                                 And second is “Just Ducky”             
Those colors for both are GREAT!  Love em’!

Carol 2           Carol

Would have had one more to show, but Jackie slipped away before I snapped the photo!  I’ll get her next time! Smile
Thank you all for two great workshops! And looking forward to seeing everyone at the new location!