Back at Shelburne Falls doing “Up North” & “Mud Season” at A Notion To Quilt!

Back over east to A Notion to Quilt – one of my very favorite shops to visit.  I don’t know how they did it, but they actually have even MORE wonderful fabrics and notions than ever before!  And they had a LOT before, but the place is loaded!  I know, I know, . . . .  I’ve told you before about all that they have, but I know that I miss mentioning things.  You really must GO there to see for yourself!  Fabrics, (blenders, batiks, the largest selection of novelties that I’ve EVER seen, flannels, “new age”, landscapes, patriotic, Christmas, Autumn, Halloween, on & on!), threads, patterns, kits, notions, sewing machines, sewing tables, long arm machines, all the latest gadgets (Becki loves gadgets).  There address is 623 Mohawk Trail, Route 2, just south of the village of Shelburne Falls, (The Bridge of Flowers)

Ok, so now let me show you the quilters and their projects!

Let’s start with Bobbi and her “Mud Season” – Yep, she has ALL the critters!


Now for “Up North”

First is Carrie


Next is Claire – notice the beautiful hydrangeas!


Then Virginia – love the selection of fabrics for the “porch railing” quilt!


and Missy with her “Up North” in autumn!  Those mountains are on fire! Smile


See you all next time at A Notion to Quilt!