Workshop at Adirondack Quilt Shop, Glens Falls, NY

I headed north last week to the beautiful Adirondack city of Glens Falls,  I know I’ve told you all about this place before, but must mention again how perfect it is!  This great “upstate” New York city has everything!  A great downtown section with loads of cafes and shops, a wonderful bike trail that will take you all the way north to the village of Lake George, a first class hospital, shopping centers, AND one of my favorite Quilt SHOPS!  

So besides enjoying the atmosphere of Glens Falls, I was also there to teach a two day workshop of Snowy Hideaway.  Shannon & Bill, the staff, AND Bailey joined me along with Judi, Jackie and Cathy.  Their Snowy Hideaways were Great!  Take a look . . .

Here’s Judi, Jackie and Cathy

ADK Snowy Hideaway workshop, Judi, Jackie and Cathy Oct 2012

And I “hopped” in to join them.


ADK Snowy Hideaway, Judi, Sue , Jackie and Cathy Oct 2012