September Classes at Log Cabin Fabrics

Back again and at one of my favorite shops, Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk, NY.  The Log Cabin girls and I had two classes last month, both two day workshops. First was Snowy Hideaway with Barbara, Cathy, Linda, Judy and Ralene.  They all did GREAT!  We decided to give the little round window room a new name.   I’ve been calling it the “loft” bedroom, but they think it should be called The Nut Room.  :)  So is that where the “little creatures” store their nuts, OR is that where all the “nutty creatures” go?

Anyway, here are the Snowy Hideaway quilters . . . .


Sept 12 Barbara  

Cathy and Linda

Sept 12 Cathy and Linda


Sept 12 Judy

and Ralene

Sept 12 Ralene

So that was two days during the first part of September, then the last two days of the month we held another class.  This time we had Roberta, Sue and Peggy.  They decided to hang on to summer as long as they could, making Over East and Lakeside Retreat.

Here is Roberta and Sue with “Over East”

September 2012 Roberta and Sue

Peggy wanted to get a jump start on some Christmas gifts and made TWO Lakeside Retreats

September 2012 Peggy