Up North Workshop at the Log Cabin

this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be part of another Up North workshop!  It was my fourth one at Log Cabin Fabrics, in Selkirk, NY, Yes, the fourth one! WOW!  And as in the past, the quilters always amaze me with what they accomplish. 

And here we go . . . .

first up is Gail

LC Weekend Workshop March 2012 Gail 

Next are Cathy and Jill

LC Weekend Workshop March 2012 Cathy and Jill

And here is Mary (who made two of the individual hangings instead of one larger one)
and Linda hiding behind her “Up North”  🙂

LC Weekend Workshop March 2012 Mary and Linda

And Melody – who decided to go “Over East” instead of “Up North”  🙂

LC Weekend Workshop, March 2012, Melody

Thank you ALL for a great weekend!