Log Cabin Fabrics, Selkirk, NY

I just completed another weekend workshop at Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk, NY, and I realized that I‘ve never “showcased” the new Log Cabin Quilt shop!  Well, I’m about to rectify that right now!  So, if you haven’t made your way to Londa’s, Lisa’s and Bonnie’s new shop, then here is what you are missing . . . .

Their beautiful sign and the welcoming entrance! 

log cabin up north 007 log cabin up north 008

Then once inside there is room after room of everything that quilters LOVE!  (just like the sign says; supplies, fabrics, gifts, machines)
Here are some of those rooms . . . .

log cabin up north 001  log cabin up north 002


log cabin up north 003 log cabin up north 004


log cabin up north 005 log cabin up north 006

PLUS, two classrooms, two bathrooms (also, very important), handicap ramp entrance, loads of parking, and I can go on and on. 
And I will, open every day of the week, some with evening hours, new fabric and notions arriving all the time (and I’m there a LOT, so I know this for a fact!).  There are fabrics for every quilters taste!  Reproductions, landscapes, orientals, blenders, flannels, black & whites, batiks, wools, new-age prints and series, etc, etc.  Then you can also find ribbons, buttons, threads, zippers, bag supplies, battings, interfacing, fusible web, rulers, scissors, patterns, books, and on and on and ON! :)  
There’s no way that I can begin to list everything that this shop offers – you’ll just have to see it for yourself! 
OK, I really must mention one more thing before exiting, and that is the combined knowledge that the owners and their staff have regarding all things quilting and sewing!  If you have a question, they are the “go to” people to see! 
Oh, just go and see them, I know I’ve left something out!