Pumpkin Patch workshop with Back Up North and More

Friday and Saturday of this past week, I headed east on Route I90 to the quaint little village of Lee, Massachusetts.  This village is sooooo cute, and so New England!  It’s just off of I90 in the western part of the state,  and only 1 hour & 10 minutes from me! Smile    AND the best part is that Lee has a Quilt Shop!  Always a plus for us quilters.  Susan and Dan have a great classroom where six quilters can spread out at their own table, and of course they can check out the new arrivals when I allow them a quick break! LOL

So anyway, we did have a full class and we had a combination of projects going on.  Back Up North, Over East, Up North, and some Show & Tell!   Which I’ll show and Share here! Smile

First is Lainie who made two of the Over East scenes,  Out to Sea, and Sandpipers on Parade  – She sure did LOTS of quilting on each of these!  They look great!

Lainie Out to Sea  Lainie Sandpipers

Next up is Nancy – first with a Show and Share of a previous class project (all Nancy needs to do for “Snowy Hideaway” is “make it snow”)

Nancy Snowy Hideaway 

And here’s the one she was working on in class – “Up North”  (love the “fall” colors!)

Nancy Up North

Next up is Paula with  “The Lakehouse”  – The scene turned out GREAT! (also love the fabric  choices)

Paula The Lakehouse

And here is Stephanie – first with “Up North” from a previous class AND I didn’t get a photo of her “Mud Season” which she was working on in class, along with another one – so, next time, Stephanie! Smile

Check out her Porch Railing Quilt & Geraniums!

Stephanie Up North

OK, next is Joann – she got a great start on her “Over East”, don’t you think?

Joanne Over East

One to go – and it’s Alice!  She also made The Lakehouse!  Love the “greens” in her scene!

Alice The Lakehouse

And there we have it, another successful workshop in a great little Quilt Shop!  Be sure to visit And maybe I’ll see you there! Smile