A Notion To Quilt and Back Up North

I traveled “over the mountain” this past weekend to Shelburne Falls, MA, home of the Bridge of Flowers aaaaaaaaand A Notion to Quilt, the Massachusetts shop with the MOST of everything!!! 

the owners, Becki & Lenny are also in charge of this year’s Massachusetts Row by Row.  Be sure to check out the Facebook page for more info on this fun shop hop that starts July 1st and goes till September.

And now, back to my reason for being there – and that was to teach my latest pattern,”Back Up North”, along with a few quilters who were making some of my other quilts.   
I’m going to start with the “other” quilts first . . . .
here’s Faith with “Mud Season”.   A first for Faith for this type of quilt! Smile

Faith Mud Season 

And “Over East” with Roseanne  – Making this for a friend! 

Roseanne Over East

And “Up North” with Jackie.  Notice that we added kayaks for Jackie. Smile

Jackie Up North

Now, here are the “Back Up North” quilters

Here’s Anna                                                                                                  and                                                                             Janet
If you zoom in, you might see a lighthouse in their scenes!

Anna Back Up NorthJanet Back Up North

And here’s Suzette with the super Red ADK chairs! Smile                        and                                             Ann with here super Wood ADK chairs! Smile

Suzette Back Up NorthAnn Back Up North

Next up is Lindy with red and yellow kayaks                                                 and                                               Deb with her purple and blue kayaks

Lindy Back Up NorthDeb Back Up North

And two final Back Up North quilters are Elyssa, with beautiful flowers around the Lakehouse and Linda with her inviting “lake water” .

Elyssa Back Up NorthLinda Back Up North

Looks GREAT ladies!

I really enjoy seeing my patterns made up with so many beautiful fabrics!  Thank you all for letting me be with you for the weekend and hope to see you again real soon! Smile