“Over East” classes

It’s Over East Time! 

I’ve been holding some workshops with my newest patterns  . . . . Sandpipers on Parade, Down at the Dock, Harbor Light, and Out to Sea.  All from my series, “Over East”.  No, these are NOT “Ladies” this time.  I’ve decided to work with the four directions for awhile, you know, North, South, East, West.  Think I’ll do “Up North” next, but will definitely let you know!

Meanwhile, I do have a few photos from some of my classes. (I forgot to bring my camera for two of the classes – I was NOT happy with myself!).  Anyway, the first one here was held at Log Cabin Fabrics, in Ravena, NY, around the middle of April.  There were five quilters that day, but one had to leave early, (Lois), and I never snagged her photo. 

Here are the “Over East” quilters for that class . . . .

Barbara decided to make all four!

Barbara Over East

Laura with Sandpipers on Parade

Laura Over East

Linda, also making all four . . . .

Linda Over East

And Marilyn with Sandpipers on Parade!

Marilyn Over East 

I always have a wonderful time at Log Cabin Fabrics!

Then yesterday, I met with four quilters at MaryAnn’s Studio.  Another wonderful time for everyone!

One quilter, Linda – shown above at my Log Cabin workshop, was finishing up her four Over East quilts,
and the other three (all Mary’s) decided to make Harbor Light. 
Here they are . . . .

MaryAnn, Mary R, & Mary H.

Merry Mary's

Pretty Good, Huh?
Everyone is doing a GREAT job with these Over East patterns – I’m really looking forward to the next class!  Will keep you posted!