My dear, little Monte passed away this weekend.  He didn’t like most things in life, except John and me, and sitting in the window and on our laps.  That was fine with us, because we loved him just the way he was. 

He had a tough beginning, starting out on the streets of Binghamton, NY for a year or so, then in a shelter for another half-year until my youngest daughter rescued him.  She was doing her graduate studies at the time, and like most college kids, pets generally ended up at Mom and Dad’s.  And that’s exactly what happened with Monte, he was ours! 

He was a beautiful, grey striped tiger, medium build with short stubby legs, AND he loved to ‘whack’ and hiss at anyone other than John and I.  We had Monte for thirteen years, making him only 15; way to young to leave us, if you ask me.  Why can’t pets live longer?  I miss him.