Julie’s Just Right Bag Classes

Has everyone been busy finishing up with the countdown to Christmas and the end of 2011?  I sure have been!  There have been parties, and office get-togethers, and shopping, and baking, and everything else that goes along with the holidays!  And then I’ve been working at two medical offices, each half time but adding up to full time for the past two months, AND, I also managed to introduce several NEW patterns! 

First came Julie’s “Just Right” Bag, (doing very well, BTW), and then my newest series, “Up North”, with four connecting patterns, (they will be available to purchase as soon as I get around to sending them to brother Dave, the creator of my wonderful website!!!!   Thank You Dave!!! 🙂

I’ve had two classes for Julie’s Bag already, and wanted to share some photos with you . . . .

The first class was in the brand new shop that my friends, Londa, Lisa & Bonnie opened on Black Friday. Log Cabin Fabrics, in Selkirk, NY.  They now have room after room after room of fabrics, notions and quilter’s gift items that you just can’t see in one visit! 

Here are the Julie Bag Ladies from that class . . . .

Log Cabin Julie Bag class with all Log Cabin Julie Bag class


AND, onto another one of my favorite shops, Almost One Of A Kind (Adorable shop in the very Victorian Village of Ballston Spa!  It’s just one block from the main street, Look for the cute front porch! 🙂

And here are three more, completely finished in a one day class, Julie bags from Almost One of A Kind quilters . . . .

   Three more Julie Bags at Almost

So, will talk again soon!
Sue 🙂